Lanzaderas de empleo

Image: Lanzaderas de empleo

Lanzaderas de Empleo y emprendimiento solidario (ES) are a fast-growing movement in Spain, a country which suffers from chronically high unemployment running at nearly 25%.

The lanzaderas aim to turn jobseekers from passive recipients to active participants and to help them recover their confidence, rediscover their abilities and develop their own projects.

Each lanzadera is made up of a group of 15-20 unemployed people, led by a coach who helps other members, focusing on topics like emotional intelligence, communication, manual and presentational skills and interview practice. The coaching model ensures that the powerful and active role remains with the jobseeker. The lanzaderas come together three times a week, and organise their own events, workshops and peer support groups.

The first lanzaderas were launched in 2013, and they have rapidly expanded across the country; with the support of foundations and government, there may well be 100 in the near future.

They are founded on the premise of dynamism, collaboration, solidarity and voluntary attendance.