Map My Future

rocco forteIt is not clear to people working in the hospitality and retail industries where there are paths for career progression, in the UK at least. Many people look to countries such as France, where such jobs are often regarded as more prestigious than in Britain. Indeed, TV shows have been made about the subject.

To help make career paths clearer for these employees, Rocco Forte is developing an app with workforce development charity People 1st, funded by UKCES, called Map My Future. The app will show employees in hospitality and retail all the possible career paths beyond their role – and what they need to do and learn to get there. They will also be able to access training resources, receive job advice and set their own career goals, all on their smartphone.

The ultimate aims are to improve career prospects for employees; to reduce recruitment and training costs for businesses; to improve business revenue thanks to better customer service, leading to better customer satisfaction and higher consumer spending; and to effect a culture shift in the way we think about jobs in these sectors.