Jobs, Friends & Houses

JFHJobs, Friends & Houses (JFH) is a Blackpool-based Community Interest Company run by the police – the Lancashire Constabulary. It work with ex-offenders recovering from substance abuse problems to provide them with meaningful employment, stable accommodation, positive peer friendship and role models, and health and wellbeing support – widely accepted as the key ingredients for successful rehabilitation and rebuilding lives.

The organisation’s main focus is on property development, buying, renovating and selling properties. The range of activities involved means that employees can train in a range of apprenticeships from accounting to plumbing Рand they are all paid the living wage and receive a pension plan. All the profits from sale of buildings is reinvested into the business, while other renovated buildings are used as homes for people in recovery.

The enterprise also encourages service users to enjoy life outside of work, and organises activities such as dry night club events, and hired a chef (who is also in recovery) to prepare health food after realising that some people were spending up to £10 a day on junk food.

Despite being a relatively new enterprise, established only in 2014, JFH has commissioned an in-depth three-year assessment into its work.