Enabling Enterprise

EE Logo - Style 2Enabling Enterprise is a non-profit social enterprise set up by a group of teachers in 2009 with a mission to better equip young people with the skills and experiences they will need for the future.

It works with large businesses to organise classroom projects, challenges and trips for young people aged between 5 and 18, reaching up to 35,000 people a year. Projects might include running a health campaign in collaboration with Kings Health Partners, designing a board game, creating a podcast, or designing and setting up a business in partnership with UBS. Challenges are day-long activities which range from setting up “political parties” in school to creating a new “community on the moon” from scratch!

In 2014, Enabling Enterprise tracked a sample of over 3,000 students on its courses. 69% of pupils were working above their target by the end of the year, and 97% of teachers saw progress in at least six skills areas for their pupils. Compared with a control group, pupils made twice as much progress in eight key measures.