Bespoke Be Heard

Image: Bespoke Be Heard

Many young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) leave school without formal qualifications, exacerbated by the insufficient opportunities for vocational training, and are far more likely to end up unemployed than people without SEN.

Faced with this, Bespoke Be Heard teaches young people with SEN to refurbish second-hand bikes. The huge demand for bike mechanics makes the business model a sustainable and profitable one, and all profits from sales go into providing further opportunities for young people with SEN and supporting charities in the UK, Ireland and Africa.

Every student is offered an attainable qualification through small group training. 100% of students report enjoying the course and over half are interested in being a mentor to new students joining the course.

Another course, Cycle Together Through Transition, provides Year 9 students with a 10-week course in cycle maintenance – and these students go on to mentor Year 6 students who can later mentor even more students. The scheme also has a 100% satisfaction rate.