The Office Apprenticeship Service

catch 22The Office Apprenticeship Service is an innovative call centre run by Catch 22 and staffed by young people who have not formerly been in education, employment or training.

The Office Apprenticeship Service is the result of a collaboration between social enterprise Catch 22 and J. P. Morgan. They had a joint aim to develop sustainable employability programmes to tackle youth unemployment. Young people aged 16 to 24 joining the apprenticeship scheme are trained and professionally supervised to undertake work including delivering outbound calls sales/marketing calls to customers in order to source job employability opportunities for Catch 22 clients. Through this work and training they are able to complete their apprenticeship in business administration and customer care.

Along with 15 jobs already created in areas of high unemployment, it has shown employers that young people, if given an opportunity in the workplace, can make a positive difference to a business. The programme has also supported the development of the mind set for young people to succeed in the world of work and the scheme is now beginning to be noticed as an indication of what future training schemes with employers might look like.