seelioSeelio is an online portfolio that lets students easily document their work, projects and passions.

Seelio was started by Moses Lee, David Jsa and Jerry Wang at the end of 2011, initially open only to fellow students at the University of Michigan. The site opened up membership globally in August 2012 and is now building a presence on campuses across the United States and elsewhere.

The company is seeking to differentiate itself from more established social networks. The platform allows users to create a professional persona through meaningful descriptions and rich, visual attachments. The aim is to create a community of ‘builders and doers’ who are more interested in students’ projects and achievements than their existing social connections. As well as browsing portfolios and projects to identify potential collaborators, the site engages employers to connect users to jobs and internships. Members can track their journey through college, get recognised for their hard work and start building an online brand.