EVE Works

eveworksEVE Works supports unemployed people to find employment opportunities and independence through social enterprises, accredited training courses and employment programmes.

eveworks2EVE Works is a non-judgemental service that provides appropriate support, training, advice and guidance to socially excluded individuals. It has a commitment to provide a quality service that helps people set achievable goals through an individual action plan. EVE Works supports people to make realistic and informed decisions about their future employment goals and assists them in achieving long-term sustainable employment, which can be achieved by employability and personal development training, volunteering and referrals to other appropriate external opportunities. EVE Works also provides a free recruitment service to local employers.

EVE Works is a specialist service from Framework, which is a charity and housing association that works to stop homelessness in all its forms. The service is based in the East Midlands.

Submitted by Katherine Nickoll.