REconomy Project

REconomyREconomy Project helps communities transform their local economy into something more sustainable, resilient and equitable, and create new jobs in this process.

Born out of the Transition movement, the REconomy Project supports local grassroots activity such as the Local Economic Blueprint work going on in Totnes, Brixton and Hereford. This work involves putting an economic value on key resilience-building sectors such as food, retrofitting and developing renewable energy assets. It then brings local stakeholders together to turn these opportunities into jobs.

Recent evaluation activity estimates the job-creation potential of resilience-building sectors in Totnes and District. For example, retrofitting homes could create up to 700 jobs, and 370 jobs could come from the solar energy sector.

For support across all areas of economic transformation visit REconomy’s website or join its Facebook or Twitter community.

Submitted by Fiona Ward.