Community Catalysts

ccCommunity Catalysts works with local partners (local authorities, primary care trusts and other voluntary and private sector organisations) to stimulate and support the development of high-quality and sustainable local enterprises.

cc2With over 20 years’ experience in the field of social care provision, Community Catalysts supports public bodies to stimulate micro-enterprise as a route to providing personalised services, in order to create an environment within which new enterprises can emerge, flourish, and expand to create local jobs. Community Catalysts also offers guidance and support to micro-enterprises in the social care sector, in particular via its ongoing partnership with the charity Shared Lives Plus, a membership organisation that represents and supports very small family- and community-based enterprises offering care and support services.

Community Catalysts states that 83% of the enterprises a recent programme supported were still flourishing after three years (a 17% failure rate compared with the BIS failure rate of 90%).

Community Catalysts was one of the winners of theĀ European Social Innovation Competition run by the European Commission with support from Nesta.