outsetOutset supports disadvantaged and under-represented clients in inner cities, coastal, rural and other deprived communities in the UK to explore, start and grow sustainable businesses.

Having been refined over the past decade, Outset is a versatile, cost-effective programme that delivers pre-start support, investment readiness, access to finance and post-start sustainability and growth support, through training, one-to-one coaching, mentoring and peer communities. In the past three years, Outset has helped over 9,829 people explore enterprise as an option. Of the 4,500 clients who decided that enterprise was the right path for them, more than 1,530 have started sustainable new businesses, creating a total of 1,781 new jobs.

Outset is part of the YTKO group, a leading business and economic development consultancy. The Outset service has recently announced a strategic partnership with Fredericks Foundation, which offers start-up loans to disadvantaged people.