State of Ambition

logo_grey-7629c4b58b3a0f7cb084bb6b950da86a State of Ambition is a website that helps young people to identify their career ambition, and provides them with the means and confidence to connect with those that can help them achieve it.

The State of Ambition campaign platform guides young people through a series of steps that help them to define their career goals and then to identify the support they need to achieve them. Everyone then creates a personal marketing campaign which lasts for 21 days. During this time they are encouraged to stand out and raise their profile, strengthen their support network, become known for their capabilities, uncover new skills and ultimately get the support they need to take the next step in their career.

State of Ambition creates new opportunities by giving young people the means and confidence to ask for help, while showing potential employers how determined and focused a young person is. The State of Ambition team have also worked hard to create a movement of forward thinking brands to monitor Ambition feeds for each industry, so that employees can provide advice easily. This provides young people with access to people to whom they would not normally have access. Similarly, young people can be sign-posted contextually to appropriate youth services and organisations.