Women Like Us

wlu_Pnk_HiResWomen Like Us is a social business that provides advice and support to women who want to carry on working after they’ve had children.

Launched in London in 2005, Women Like Us reaches out to women through local networks untouched by traditional recruitment services, offering them practical career support and putting them in touch with employers who value their skills and experience more than full-time availability. Women Like Us also offers free back to work support to women on low incomes. Women Like Us has over 35,000 people registered, with 5,000 women having accessed services and over 2,000 now in work.

In 2012, Women Like Us launched a recruitment services as two new business divisions, Timewise Jobs and Timewise Recruitment, to further its efforts to build a quality part-time recruitment market.

Women Like us was initially supported by Nesta’s Innovation in Giving Fund to build and launch an online career portal, and was also a semi-finalist in the European Social Innovation Competition that Nesta helped to administer.