Timewise Jobs and Timewise Recruitment

TWR_PMS_320pxTWJ320Timewise Jobs and Timewise Recruitment are the two elements of a recruitment service launched in 2012 by the social business Women Like Us. Timewise aims to build a market for quality part-time jobs, making them visible to the women who want them for the very first time and giving employers the ability to find and recruit from this hidden pool of talent.

Timewise stimulates the demand for skilled part-time workers by helping employers to recognise the business benefits of part-time work, and by providing practical support and advice on how to design a part-time job and manage part-time staff. Timewise already has 35,000 candidates registered, finds and advertises around 180 quality part-time roles per day, and has recruited for over 2,000 employers to date.

The approach was initially piloted in London and is now in the process of expanding nationally. This includes undertaking a major awareness-raising campaign to help change more employers’ perceptions of part-time and flexible working, to help them see the business and social benefits of creating quality part-time vacancies, and to stimulate job creation.